Schedule 2019

Subject Duration Dates Location
Webinar: GEFEG.FX 7 - The New Manager and More 1 - 3 pm 13 September 2019 Webinar
Webinar: New EU Customs Data Model (EUCDM) Version 4.0 - What are the changes? 2 - 3 pm 24 September 2019 Webinar
Data Harmonization Workshop for Single Window Projects 3 days 14-16 October 2019 Berlin
Webinar: GEFEG.FX 7 - The New Manager and More 1 - 3 pm 25 October 2019 Webinar
Webinar: GEFEG.FX 7 - The New Manager and More 1 - 3 pm 29 November 2019 Webinar
Classic EDI with GEFEG.FX 2 days    
Core Components Modeling Methodology 2 days On demand Berlin
Data Formats in the EDI Environment 1 day   or at your
Data Models for B2B Data Exchange: How to Plan and Apply them with GEFEG.FX 2 days   company site
Developing Business Logic Checks with Schematron Rules 1 day    
Documenting Your EDI Interface(s) 2-3 days    
EDIFACT Fundamentals 1 day    
Error Analysis and Plausibility Testing of Messages with GEFEG.FX 1 day     
Publishing Projects, Layouts and Reports 2 days    
VDA 4987 T2 Global Despatch Advice 1 day    
XML Basics 1 day    
XML Schema Development with GEFEG.FX 2 days    

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