GEFEG.FX 7 - What is new

News 06/2017

The new version presents GEFEG.FX in a new design:

  • The Manager has been completely revised
  • New, fresh icons for the main menu and the context menus
  • Object information has been regrouped
  • New arrangement of the functions

It is expected that the Internet update for GEFEG.FX version 6.1 SP1 will continue to be available until the end of 2017. The ongoing development of the software will proceed with GEFEG.FX 7.

The new Manager

One of the primary changes in the Manager is the support of project-oriented work in user-defined folders which replace the previous technical subdivision according to the respective GEFEG.FX object types. With GEFEG.FX 7, all GEFEG.FX object types are displayed in one folder (EDI standards, EDI guides, data models, XML schemas, mapping projects, publishing projects).

Further changes in the Manager

  • GEFEG Distribution: GEFEG Distribution is a link to the data directory of GEFEG.FX and contains the standards and code lists for your scope of delivery. You cannot change the data in this directory or add your own to it. The directory is write protected. This makes for a more distinct separation of user data from the supplied GEFEG.FX (Distribution) data and prevents data that has been modified by the user from being overwritten by a GEFEG.FX update. The distribution data can now be used as a reference or to compare with your own data.
  • Display or open external files in the Manager: Non-GEFEG.FX objects are now also displayed in the GEFEG.FX Manager (Word/Excel files, images, text files, etc.). This means that all of the files in a directory are visible. These can also be opened from within the GEFEG.FX Manager, provided that the file types are linked to a standard program.
  • Links with a local folder are possible, creating a view similar to that of Windows Explorer
  • GEFEG.FX objects can now be opened in Explorer with a double-click on the file.
  • Enhanced checking of the GEFEG.FX objects: Often, GEFEG.FX objects are linked to other GEFEG.FX objects. The Check Object function can now be used to check whether there are inconsistencies or problems with the naming of GEFEG.FX objects, and if yes, which ones. The result of the check is a list in which errors and warnings as well as the objects concerned are indicated.
    • A GEFEG.FX object can be checked for local availability or for errors with the linked objects.
    • Folders can be checked for duplicates or for errors between the linked objects.

Interoperability with GEFEG.Portal: Deliver Standards to the GEFEG.Portal Directly

GEFEG.FX and GEFEG.Portal work together with version 4.0 of the GEFEG.Portal that is now available. In the future, GEFEG.Portal operators will be able to present their standards for validation on their own and publish documentation or export files for portal users. We can gladly present these new features and the new version 4.0 in a web session.

Collaboration - Enhanced Functions for the use of the Repository

The functions for the interaction between GEFEG.FX and Subversion have been greatly optimized and enhanced. It is now possible to display the recent changes or analyse and solve problems directly from within GEFEG.FX.

Mapping Projects with Write-Protected Data

In order to protect data from being modified, the data owner can apply write protection to the data, for example when a final version of your data model which is managed in the repository is to be subsequently made available to a user group for further customization.

When working with this data, a situation could arise in which a user wants to create a mapping between a write-protected model or schema and other data. In GEFEG.FX it is now possible to create mapping projects even with a "write-protected data partner". The mapping identifiers necessary to do so must already be present in the write-protected data on the one side either as a source or target format and these are then simply entered for the editable data on the other side.

EDI Test Data: Differentiation Between Errors and Remarks

It is now possible to differentiate between an error and a remark within an EDI guide for the validation of test data. For this purpose, a special field is added in the test score and is given one of these possible values: 'Error' for errors, 'Remarks' for a note.' This new feature is of special interest for users of the GEFEG.Portal validation service because the error situation is thereby indicated with even more detail in the error report. When errors are counted, the notices are not included.

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