Validation of SOLAS VGM Related Messages
News 04/2016

SMDG Validation Portal - Ready for Checking BAPLIE and VERMAS Messages

On 1 July 2016 new amendments to the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention will require shippers to provide carriers with the verified gross mass (VGM) of each container before the stowage plan is submitted.

GEFEG in cooperation with the SOLAS / VGM work group of SMDG provide a validation service for VGM related electronic messages to support and facilitate a smooth implementation of the VGM requirements.

The SMDG Validation Portal is now open for registration.

  • Currently messages can be tested for conformance with the Message Implementation Guides (MIGs) BAPLIE v2.2, BAPLIE v3.1 and VERMAS v0.9.
  • Quick and easy check procedure: Select and upload your own message - check the message - view the test result.
  • Also find sample messages preloaded in the portal which are ready for checking. Click on the "Check" button and review the results.
  • Please note that the MIG versions are not yet final and may be amended later.

Interested users will receive access to the quick and easy validation of the SOLAS VGM related messages after filling in the form and submitting it. Until 15 July 2016 the message validation will be free of charge. Registered users will be informed about the conditions of use that will be applied after the trial period has ended and will have to register again, if they intend to continue using the validation service.

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