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GEFEG Solutions for Customs

The rationalization, quality and speed benefits of our solutions in the area of document modeling, XML and EDI are considerably high, based on innovative concepts and standards, and have been experienced not only by customs (e.g. WCO, Customs of Germany, Thailand, The Netherlands and New Zealand), but also by organisations (e.g. SWIFT, GS1, CITES, FIATA, IATA, UNECE), service providers and enablers (e.g. BluJay, SAP GTS, Seeburger) and hundreds of traders (e.g. DAKOSY, DHL, HP, Volkswagen).

GEFEG offers

  • Data modelling and customisation rationalisation products and services
  • Rationalizing interface development and management


  • ... WCO Data Model and Single Window initiatives
  • ... G2G projects such as Customs2Customs
  • ... B2G projects such as Trader2Customs
  • ... Your project?

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