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Our business is supporting customers in planning the implementation of electronic business transactions. Our products and services ensure a consistent, efficient flow of data based on national and international standards between all of the parties involved in a business transaction. GEFEG has developed innovative means and methods. As a service provider with international experience, GEFEG provides software, consulting and training services.

Through our participation in national and international standard developing organizations such as ASC X12, DIN, EDIFICE, ISO 20022, ISO/TC 154, OAGI, UN/CEFACT and VDA, and through our quality assurance work on the UN/EDIFACT standard, we contribute directly to development and have an informational and developmental advantage that benefits our customers as well.

GEFEG is an established consulting firm for complex electronic business data interchange projects. Since 1990 we have supervised projects for major companies such as DB Cargo, for public agencies such as the G7 EDI Customs Group, for industry associations such as Global Automotive Industry North America, Asia and Europe, and for SMEs in such diverse industries as dental technology, transport, automotive supply, and tire manufacturing. A full program of practical training courses completes our range of consulting services.

Our GEFEG.FX software is used to model data formats and develop implementation guidelines for data interchange standards such as UN/EDIFACT, ebXML, GS1 EANCOM®, X.12, SAP-IDoc, RosettaNet and OAGIS. GEFEG.FX is the only software tool that brings together modelling, XML schema development, and editing of classic EDI standards under a unified user interface, and that supports the development of multilingual implementation guidelines.

Our Internet-based software products such as the GEFEG.Validation.Portal support organizations and companies in quality assurance by providing mature and user-friendly pre-production testing functions for data interchange applications, as needed in roll-out scenarios for example.

Founded in 1990, GEFEG is a private company managed by its shareholders.

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