Welcome to the GEFEG.Portal, the portal to test messages for conformance with EDI specifications.

Electronic data interchange is really quite simple. For example, you may use your company's EDI system to send an invoice to your customer in the form of an EDI message. Your customer's EDI system receives this message and processes it. That is the ideal case. In real life, such simplicity is achieved only by overcoming hurdles that cause delays or extra work.

These hurdles include messages that contain errors, for example. Your customer's EDI system will not process faulty messages. If your invoice message uses the wrong date format or contains a bank code of nine characters instead of eight, the message is invalid. Instead of the smooth data flow you want, you get an error message, you have to work to find the problem and fix it, and only then you can send a corrected repeat message.

The GEFEG.Portal helps you by testing messages before you use them in a production environment.

Use GEFEG.Portal as an efficient way to test your electronic messages over the Internet - with easy handling, continuous availability, and low costs.

The GEFEG.Portal provides a message testing service at a modest cost. Furthermore, a demo version with purposely errored messages shows you how the service operates.

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