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GEFEG.Portal - Central and Configurable Solution for Your Business Case


Efficient collaboration between IT and business professionals in and between companies, sectors or projects, a high quality of the developed data descriptions and the resulting data and a shortened period of the analysis of requirements to implementation.

To achieve these objectives, the GEFEG.Portal offers a solution for collaboration, validation, publishing, visualization, change request management, as well as rollout and onboarding.

The GEFEG.Portal supports you and your user community in

  • the management of requirements or change requests for the development of eBusiness interfaces
  • the drafting and publication of B2B / EDI / EAI / A2A standards, formats and guidelines
  • error checking in eBusiness interfaces
  • in rollout and onboarding scenarios.

By using GEFEG.Portal our customers benefit from 25 years of dedication and the expertise of GEFEG in eBusiness Interface Management.

Are you interested to discuss with us how to use the GEFEG.Portal? Call us or send your inquiry about the use of GEFEG.Portal in your company by email.

ISO 20022 Validation Portal

SEPA Validation.Portal

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