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Description of GEFEG.FX

GEFEG.FX supports you in developing, documenting and testing data formats for the electronic exchange of business documents.

Securing high data quality in the design-time of the data interchange and in addition a shortening of the implementation phase are main objectives of GEFEG.FX. To reach these objectives GEFEG.FX emphasize on international standards, allows their customized specification and documentation in guidelines, their mapping, and standardizes and simplifies routine work.

The software is of high interest to enterprises and associations that already have EDI know-how, want to establish it or keep it up-to-date, or those enterprises that want to keep step with the latest developments in this field.

As an introduction to GEFEG.FX we offer a Guided Tour to prospective customers.

The scalable product line GEFEG.FX covers different requirements for the preparation of e-business applications. Select one of the variants to suit your requirements.

Focus on traditional EDI
Focus on data modeling and XML
GEFEG.FX Professional+
Data modeling, XML and traditional EDI
GEFEG.FX Premium
GEFEG.FX Professional+ enriched with a comprehensive, additional data package as well as a range of interfaces and adaptors.

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