ZUGFeRD eInvoice - Planning Your Implementation

GEFEG.FX Client for ZUGFeRD * - The Fast Way to your ZUGFeRD Company Profile

* ZUGFeRD is a protected wordmark of the AWV Arbeitsgemeinschaft für wirtschaftliche Verwaltung e. V.

ZUGFeRD - The invoice format

To create and deliver an invoice in ZUGFeRD format, should be more than easy in the future, as long as the bill is typed in manually at a PC. First applications are already in existence. The small handicraft business which sends a few bills to its customers once a month is well supplied with these solutions.

ZUGFeRD Profiles - A challenge for enterprises

It is a different situation for companies which handle and generate hundreds to thousands of bills with an order management application and then transfer them using with EDI processes.

Companies need to integrate the ZUGFeRD format in their in-house accounting and are facing the following challenges:

  • The ZUGFeRD standard describes three profiles: Basic, Complete, Extended. Which profile is the best fit for our requirements?
  • The use of the selected profile hast to be specified and documented.
  • How to establish that ZUGFeRD messages we have generated are compliant with the selected ZUGFeRD profile?

Facilitate the development and documentation of your company's ZUGFeRD invoices with the GEFEG.FX Client for ZUGFeRD

  • Easily select the most suitable ZUGFeRD profile. The ZUGFeRD profile Basic, Complete and Extended are included in the delivery.
  • Simply click to select required fields of the ZUGFeRD profile, then specify and document these fields further. Specify and store customizations in a schema guideline based on the selected ZUGFeRD profile. Compliance and interoperability are secured.
  • Includes ZUGFeRD code lists.
  • Specify codes: data format, language, currency, country, unit, package, global identifier types of partners and products, tax number, references, tax type, tax category, surcharge / discount types, payment type, shipment identifier, Incoterms, transport mode, product feature, product classification.
  • Compliance check with the free DIN-ZUGFeRD-Validation-Portal: Test whether your customized ZUGFeRD interface complies with the selected ZUGFeRD profile

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